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Ancona Ducks***Beautiful and Rare Breed of Waterfowl***

Name: Ancona Ducks***Beautiful and Rare Breed of Waterfowl***
Color: black, blue, chocolate, lavender, silver
Description: We do not have Ancona ducklings or eggs available.
Info: They are excellent egg layers and typically lay 210-280 eggs per year. Ours lay beautiful blue and cream colored eggs. We hatch from both color eggs.

They are an excellent dual purpose duck. They grow fast and produce a good amount of meat.

The Ancona Duck is a breed of domestic duck. These rare ducks are considered to be a descendant of the Indian Runner Duck and the Belgian Huttegem Duck breeds. Anconas were developed in England during the early 20th century, but were not available in the United States until 1984. Even though their numbers have increased in the U.S., the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, in their 2000 census of domestic waterfowl in North America, listed the Ancona's status as "critical". Just like most other domestic ducks, the Anconas are a flightless duck, so they don't migrate. They are fairly calm animals and make good pond, yard, and breeding birds. They tend to be excellent foragers, and if allowed will augment their diet with greens, slugs, insects and other arthropods. Their closest relatives are Magpie ducks and Dutch Hookbills.

The Ancona averages 6 to 6.5 pounds and is a bit stockier than its close relative, the Magpie duck. It has a medium sized oval head, a medium-length bill that is slightly concave along the top line, an average neck that arches forward slightly and body carriage is 20 to 30 degrees above horizontal. The broken, mottled plumage is unique among ducks for, like Holstein cattle, there is no set design. "Any combination of white and color is acceptable as long as there are obvious broken areas on the head, backs, sides, and underbody." The neck is normally solid white, bills are yellow with dark green or black spotting, and the legs and feet are orange with black or brown markings that increase with age.
We obtained our breeding stock from 2 top bloodlines in the country. We have been breeding Anconas since 2010.
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