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Olive Eggers - Add beauty to your basket with olive colored eggs

Name: Olive Eggers - Add beauty to your basket with olive colored eggs
Description: Nature's wildlife has taken out our 4th and 5th generation Olive Eggers.


We are taking prepaid orders for chicks to hatch in the spring. This will be a hatch from our pure Ameraucana rooster over our French Blue Copper Marans hens. Your chciks will be 1st generation Olive Eggers.

***Day old Olive Egger chicks are $8/chick.
Prices increase as they get older.
All chicks sell as straight run.

Pick up at the farm.


Olive Egger Hatching eggs --- $25/half dozen. These eggs will be brown from our French Blue Copper Marans hens with our pure Ameraucana Rooster.

IMPORTANT: We do not, under any circumstance, guarantee that your eggs will hatch! Many factors beyond our control may contribute to incubation success or failure.
Info: We have a gentle and family friendly flock of Olive Eggers. They have been selected and crossed specifically to produce a beautiful olive colored egg. In 2017 they will be crossed with the Bev Davis line French Black Copper Marans. They have a very dark egg. We are looking forward to the beautiful color of these eggs!
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