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Serama --- Worlds Smallest Chicken

Name: Serama --- Worlds Smallest Chicken
Description: This is a family favorite. We do offer young chicks to others interested in quality stock of the worlds smallest chicken.

We have a variety of beautiful colors. Our stock was obtained from top show breeders across the country.

Hatching Eggs:

$75/half dozen

Prepaid orders for day old chicks are $25 each.
Prices increase with age.

*** Approx. 6 week old Serama chicks sold in pairs starting at $100 a pair - when available.
Young roosters are sometimes available too.
These are great birds to breed or show. They also make great pets!

Pick up at the farm.
Info: Seramas make beautiful indoor and/or outdoor pets and are inexpensive to keep as each only consumes about one pound of feed per month. Because of their small size, Serama require very little space. Seramas make great companions while gardening and their natural beauty adds to the enjoyment of any garden or home.

The Serama are characterized by their upright posture, full breast, vertical tail feathers held upright and tight up to the body and vertical wings held down nearly touching the ground. In Malaysia they are described as brave warriors and archangel chickens, because of their very human like appearance.

They are the smallest breed of chicken in the world. Typically averaging anywhere from 6 to 12 ounces in weight and 6" to 10" in height. However, size alone does not define a Serama. A small chicken without the Serama "type" is not a Serama, but just another small bantam.

The Serama originated in Kelentan, Malaysia, and is believed to be the result of selective cross-breeding of many bantam breeds.

We may have a rooster available at different times to sell alone.
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