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The Hester's FF Romeo

Name: The Hester's FF Romeo
Dam: The Pennsylware
Sire: Sinai Thunder O Nicodemus *B *S
Color: Black w/minimal white, moon spots
Description: We are excited to have this wonderful sweet and loving boy. He has a gorgeous build and going to be well within height. Romeo has beautiful silver and brown moon spots that stand out along with his gorgeous blue eyes. Romeo has many outstanding goats in his pedigree that make him a great addition to our breeding program.
Info: Continued Pedigree information:

Sire: Sinai Thunder O Nicodemus*B *S
SS: SG Cedar View Olivero ++*B++*S VG+89, VEV88 (96% PE)
(2018-2020 ADGA Elite Buck 6X)
SSS: Cedar View Josephus +*B 2X GCH
SSD: SGCH Cedar View Isabella 4*M EEEE91 (ADGA Elite Doe (99% PE)3X, ANDDA Total Performer Doe 3X, 2015 Platinum Doe. Her parents are (Little Tots Estate Bambino++*B x SG Cori's Fancy N Donatella 3*M VEEE90)
Isabella's current high for 305 is 1400#. She's been on the ADGA Elite Doe list 95-99% PE in 2015-2020. In addition, she has been in the ADGA National Top 10 the last 3 yrs with her highest ranking: #2 in milk, #1 in butterfat, #2 in protein.

SSSS: GCH J-Nels LY Cappuccino +*B (July 2016 LA EEE91)
2017 and 2018 ANDDA JUJU sire award with many
other show wins.
SSSD: Little Tots Estate Syeira 4*M EEEE91

SD: Helmstead Minis GB Malee 1*M VVEE90
SDS: SG Rosasharn MR General B +*B VVE FS89
SDSS: GCH RGCH Rosasharn SP Mercury ++*B EEE FS92
SDSD: SG Rosasharn's UMT Honey Bee 4*M VVEE88
SDD: Olson Acres Princess Wolfgang +EE+85
SDDS: Little Tots Estate Capachino
SDDD: GCH Flat Rocks Voodoo Princess 1*M 1*D

Dam: The Pennsylware
DS: Sinai Thunder T Valentine Love +*B+*S
DSS: Caprakoza TR TEVYE +*B+*S
DSSS: CH Lost Valley JL Tradition *B*S (Fairlea IH Jean Luc *S x Goodwood Sisley *M*D, dam of 4 ARMCH daughters including National Champion ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley Callisto 2*D E90 8xGCH, 5x RsvGCH, 1x Best of Breed)
DSSD: GCH Pecan Hollow Black-Eyed Susie *M2*D AR (4xGCH SR Doe, 4xRsvCH Sr Doe, 1x Best in SHow, AGS Nat'l Top 10 1 Day Milk Awards for multiple years and categories)
DSD: SG Kaapio Acres HH Redemption 1*M AR 1*D AR VEEE90
DSDS: GCH MCH Kaapio Acres Hot Habanero +B
DSDD: Rosasharn GX Cinnamon D
DD: The Deleware
DDS: Sinai Thumnder NAB Hosanna +*B
DDSS: AGS AOF Mardis Nabucco +*B
DDSD: Caprakoza AG Couscous 1*M
DDD: The AHE Daisy Lou (goes back to Wood Bridge Farm Sprinkles)
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