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Hester's Indy 500
Hester's Indy 500 Hester's Indy 500
Hester's Indy 500

Name: Hester's Indy 500
Dam: Dominique (Brown/Gray-dun 32 1/2
Sire: MDHR Caddy Shack (Slate Spot 28
DOB: 5/28/2006
Height: immature
Color: Brown
Description: We had Dominique settled in a stall bedded in straw. We new she was getting close to foaling but not for sure if that night was the night. We went to the Indy 500 race and when we returned home late that night we had our little surprise in the stall. It was a beautiful little jenny and of course we named her Indy 500. We imprinted her at birth and spoiled her rotten. She is sweet and gentle in every way. She follows us everywhere outside, in the barn, in the lounge, office and even into the our house! Indy is better than a dog and I am pleased to have such a great little jenny as our 1st mini donkey foal. Indy was the hook, line, and sinker to falling in love with this breed. She is the main reason that I started looking for quality mini donkeys to add to our breeding program. We enjoy all of our mini donkeys and they are all a part of our family.
Info: Indy is just the sweetest jenny as you can see in these pictures. She lays likes to lay on our laps. As you can see she comes up on the porch and trys to come in the house. She is up at the door trying to come in the house in one picture. That picture was taken from inside the house.
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