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Lavender Orpingtons
Lavender Orpingtons

Name: Lavender Orpingtons
Color: Lavender
Description: DAY OLD CHICKS

We are taking prepaid orders for chicks to hatch in the spring.

***Day old Lavender Orpington chicks
$12/chick - Day old pricing is available for prepaid orders. Buy 10 chicks get 2 free for all prepaid orders.

$15/chick up to a week old.
Prices increase as they get older.

Pick up at the farm.


Lavender Orpington Hatching eggs --- $50/dozen---available in the spring.

IMPORTANT: We do not, under any circumstance, guarantee that your eggs will hatch! Many factors beyond our control may contribute to incubation success or failure.
Info: The Orpington breed is a fair layer of light brown eggs. They are a dual-purpose fowl producing a heavy carcuss. While their feathers are broad and full, they have a light fluffy appearance against their full deep body. These are docile birds that do well in both free range and confinement conditions. The hens do go broody and are excellent mothers. This bird is a very cold hardy breed and mature quickly. The Orpington was admitted to the A.P.A. in 1902 and only the black, blue, buff, and white are currently recognized.

We obtained our hatching eggs to start our stock from Hinkjc Mountain Poultry and from Buddy Henry's line.
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