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We have added a naturally gaited, conformational correct stud with a unique genetic make-up. He is a top of the line Tennessee Walker stallion with a gentle and loving disposition. Our rare double homozygous agouti and cream perlino Tennessee Walking Horse stud is going to produce an outstanding line of Tennessee Walking foals. We look forward to breeding him and will consider standing him at stud in the future. This beautiful boy will produce buckskins 100% of the time with all homozygous black mares and 75% buckskin and 25% palomino with all heterozygous black mares. You will have a 50% chance for a buckskin and a 50% chance for a palomino out of all chestnut and sorrel mares.

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Buckalo Bill - AA Ee CRCR Perlino
Buckalo Bill - AA Ee CRCR Perlino
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